FUN Art Show is intended to provide equal opportunity to artists from all walks of life, aspiring young artists to professionals. The Fun Art Show is here to provide creative inspiration for the community as a whole. Art is a way for us to share our experiences, thoughts, feelings and ideas in mediums that everyone will connect with differently. Celebrating our diversity while bringing us together.

By encouraging artists of all ages who are just starting out to showcase alongside professional artists, it breaks the barriers down, art and creativity is fun! “Every artist was first an amateur” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.


The Art For Everyone Foundation believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to explore and enhance their creativity through the arts. The Foundation supports creative programs in the arts and provides access to program funding for individuals who could not otherwise participate in these programs. 

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McTavish Academy of Art (MAOA) transformed an 18, 000 sq. ft. unused school in North Saanich into a vibrant, creative arts facility. MAOA is a community gathering place where beginner and experienced artists of all ages can connect to explore their creativity, expand on talents, and host amazing events. This brings cross-generational and family collaboration and learning to life through the arts.

MAOA is a unique space with curved walls, converted classrooms, high ceilings, and beautiful natural light. Display spaces will include the entry foyer, hallways, Grand Gallery, and studios. Weather permitting, The FUN Art Show will also extend into MAOA’s beautiful acreage.


1720 McTavish Road
North Saanich, BC


We encourage artists of all mediums and experience to apply to enter FUN Art Show as we aim to support showcase the creative people at all levels. From aspiring artists to professionals, everyone is welcome. We look forward to showcasing the artists who will be joining the show here on the website in after the submissions deadline is complete.


Olivia RobinsonCoordinator and Curator
Olivia is a practicing artist, Creative Arts Instructor, and future high school Art and English teacher. In a previous life, she ran an art gallery, curating shows with works by local and national artists. Olivia is committed to growing the vibrant and fruitful arts community on the Saanich Peninsula.
Sean McNeill
Sean is one of the founders of McTavish Academy of Art and Art For Everyone Foundation. He specializes in online marketing and web development.
Lucas Copplestone
Lucas is a founding member of McTavish Academy of Art and Art For Everyone Foundation. He is a local artist and screenprinter.